Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Mysticism of Sience

Krome Barret's book, Logic & Design, In Art, Science and Mathmatics is a treasure trove of excepts and illustrations depicting the interconnections between science and art. In his introduction is an inspiring paragraph that mirrors Ernst Heackel's views on artist's and scientists from a contemporary perspective.

Barret states:

"It is fascinating to observe that physicists are moving closer to the thoughts of the ancients... of the mystics who found magic, and the origin of the universe, in number and geometry. As they search beyond our sensory scales into concepts of intergalactic space/time their models for is structure are based upon the minutest of particles."

Haeckel states -

"The tasks of scientists and artists are really identical, to depict the world around us with the precision of the scientist and the passion of the mystic."

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