Friday, December 7, 2007

Mystical Connections Between Science and Art

"The regular pentagon, in association with the hexagon, has been credited with magincal powers through out recorded history.

"It came as no surprise to mystics that DNA is found to function like a right handed helix in which each tread is of the same size and turns at the same rate of 36 degrees per tread".

"On each tread the chemical lattice is coded in hexagons and pentagons!"

- taken from Logic & Desgin In At, Science & Mathematics by Krome Barratt

The design of the web site will be base on the pentagon. This was inspired by an earlier post on the mystical properties of snowflakes. Snowflakes form as hexagons, but a pentagon is a simpler form to work with for design purposes. But based on further research, as seen in the except above, a pentagon is just as appropriate.

- joe

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